Neuro Gym

Based on Neurobics, A Brain-Centred Model Of The Human Personality


How to Use this Package

Novelty Stimulation of the Brain
Click on the above link to hear a collection of randomly picked sounds.

Inspiration: Jim 'Parky' Wetherell
Read about how one man has cycled over 23,000 miles despite being diagnosed with PD.

Inspirational Quotations
Relax to some music while you read some inspiring quotations.

Reaction Improvement Exercises

Hand-Eye Coordination Exercise: Tracing Shapes
In this exercise, you will be asked to trace several shapes using your mouse.

Goal Setting
Relax to some music and view animated patterns while you set and achieve your goals through answering some carefully selected questions.

Speed Reading Exercises

Short Term Memory Improvement Exercises

Long Term Memory Improvement Exercises

A collection of lateral thinking puzzles to exercise your thought processes.

Neuro Gym: Based on Neurobics, A Brain-Centred Model Of The Human Personality.
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